Vlas Belov, conceptual artist. Graduated from art school, art college, Academy of Design and Arts. Works in the field of graphics, painting, installation, photography, experimental performance and interventions using digital VR technologies and 3D programs. The main research topic is a person in the digital world era or a disoriented biological creature in contact with technologies that have come to life. One of the topics is reflections on social and political contradictions.

The artist also studies what a virtual space is, how in the future it will affect our society and personality in general. Who virtual space belongs to or is it a space of unlimited freedom, where you can express your imagination and don’t have a final form, creating all kinds of avatars and sharing experiences and information with the whole world through VR.
He has dealt with online interventions, virtual galleries creation and VR.

create your own block from scratch
VR Performance. 2019
Skulptur online
Possible Forms
Virtual exhibition. 2018
Hunting animals
VR Performance 2019
Virtual exhibition. 2018
Quint & Sence
Virtual exhibition. 2017
Virtual exhibition. 2017
Selfie or 3D head around

VR Performance. 2015
Virtual exhibition. 2017
Material of emotions

Virtual exhibition. 2017
VR Performance. 2018

Social performance

Media Mussels
Virtual installation AR 2019

2018 - 2014
Virtual exhibition-intervention Gallery carlier | gebauer 2019

A HATCH or Work with virtuality
Virtual exhibition-intervention Gallery EIGEN + ART 2019

Virtual exhibition-intervention Museum of
Contemporary Art space,Odessa. 2020

Virtual exhibition-intervention Gagosian Gallery 2020


Virtual gallery "Oncyber". 2021

AR installation
Biennale of Digital and Media Art. 2021

Online exhibitions
Ukraine Kharkiv
Photo credits: josef.stuefer, Ansel Edwards

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